The current Covid-19 Guidelines are valid as of today, but might be updated at the time of the competition. The German and Bavarian Government and the local health authorities might require stricter policies, which the OC has to follow. A possible update will be given to all Teams on this site.

Date of the last revision: 06.09.2021

Before the event

General entry restrictions for Germany

We recommend, that you familiarize yourself with the current entry restrictions and border controls with the Federal Foreign Office and with the Federal Ministry of the Interior in Germany.

Please observe the obligation to furnish proof that applies to all travelers: Persons from the age of 12 must be in possession of proof when crossing the border of:

  • vaccination (see prerequisites for proof) or
  • recovery from COVID-19 (see prerequisites for proof) or
  • a test certificate (antigen test: taken max. 48 hours, PCR test: taken max. 72 hours before entry) 

The Deutsche Eislauf-Union will send a confirmation of the delegation to the respective federation before the event. Each event participant must have this confirmation for a review when crossing the border.

If, within the last ten days prior to your date of entry, you have spent time in an area classified as a high-risk area at the time of your entry, you must register at the Federal Republic of Germany’s travel portal at before entering the country and carry the confirmation with you for inspection by the carrier or on entry by the Federal Police.
A list of high-risk areas and areas of variants of concern can be found at:

  • Prior to the accredition: It is mandatory to take a test upon arrival at site (hotel or ice rink). The testing station is located in front of the hotel (on arrival date) or in front of the ice rink.
  • Additional testing is required every 48 hours. Please check your welcome information for further information. 

Due to the events bubble and the confirmation of the German Skating Union, no quarantine is necessary.

During the Event

  • Medical masks are mandatory and must be worn inside at all time (including the ice rink, during transportation, in the hotel and in any restaurant). The only exception is during the warm-up in the designated warm-up area and on the ice. As soon as more than 1200 COVID hospitals are recorded for a period of 7 days, a FFP2 mask must be worn.
  • Keep social distance of 1,5 meters minimum at all time.
  • There will be a path system to comply with distances.

The Draws for starting orders Short Program and Rhythm Dance will be made by the Referee and the Technical Controller, witnessed by selected skaters and only a max. of 2 Team-Leaders. There is no draw for the starting order Free Skating/Free Dance (reverse order system).

For each practice and competition performance, the respective Dressing Room will be assigned to the skaters by name and country (see Music Rotation sheet or starting order).

In case a PCR-Test is needed to travel back home, please inform the OC with this form. An appointment with a licensed medical doctor must be made at least 72 hours ahead. The costs for the test must be paid on site.

Prerequisites for proof

To enable entry, proof of vaccination must meet the requirements set out in section 2 (10) of the Ordinance on Coronavirus Entry Regulations.

1. It must prove a full course of vaccination against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus was completed.

The vaccination on which it is based must be comprised of one or more of the vaccines listed by the Paul Ehrlich Institute at and

  • either comprise the number of vaccine doses necessary to provide full protection as published online by the Paul Ehrlich Institute at, and no less than 14 days may have elapsed since the last required single vaccination, or

  • for recovered persons, consist of the administration of one vaccine dose. To prove they are fully vaccinated, recovered persons must prove that they had had COVID-19 before they were vaccinated. Proof is provided by submitting a positive PCR test.

2. To certify vaccination, the proof must include the following data:

  • The personal data of the vaccinated person (at least surname, first name and date of birth or number of passport/identity card/ID card)         

  • Date of vaccination, number of vaccinations,

  • Vaccine name,

  • Name of the disease vaccinated against and

  • Distinguishing marks that indicate which person or institution is responsible for performing the vaccination or issuing the certificate, such as an official emblem or the issuer’s name.

3. Proof of full vaccination must be provided in German, English, French, Italian or Spanish.

4. Proof in written or digital form is accepted if it meets the criteria listed in 1., 2., and 3. For the purposes of inspection by the carrier or the authority tasked with policing cross-border traffic, photographs of written proof are not considered proof in digital form. Proof in digital form need to have been issued in digital form by the authorised issuer and transmitted in digital form to the authorised recipient.

Please note that these are general requirements under the Ordinance on Coronavirus Entry Regulations. The digital COVID certificate on the basis of the EU Digital COVID Certificate Regulation provides an additional EU-wide, standardised form of proof that can be automatically scanned via barcode, which can be carried and verified in a data protection compliant manner in a paper form or using an app. Further requirements may need to be satisfied for the issuance of an EU digital COVID certificate on the basis of the EU Digital COVID Certificate Regulation; however, the EU digital COVID certificates are of course accepted as proof in Germany.

Proof of a previous infection with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus issued in written or digital form in German, English, French, Italian or Spanish, if the test is based on laboratory diagnostics comprising a nucleic acid test (PCR, PoC-PCR or other nucleic acid amplification test methods) and it was performed no less than 28 days and no more than six months previously.

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